History of Litigation Support "Legendary Tale"

Litigation support, as Pinnacle does it, did not always exist as we know it today. In fact, as legend has it, the industry began in the 1970s when a visiting attorney working a case in New York City was riding in a cab around Manhattan after midnight in a desperate search for a place to make copies for the court. As the cab driver drove this attorney across Manhattan, he knew the attorney had a deadline of the very next morning. But unfortunately, no superstores or other businesses were open to make copies at such an hour, and a game-changing idea was born.

For a long time, national chain superstores have dominated the copying, scanning, and printing industry, which is a critical component of discovery and other phases of litigation. Or at least, they did dominate until Pinnacle Discovery Solutions was established. Founded in 2011, Pinnacle Discovery Solutions has become New York's fastest-growing litigation support provider, offering our clients a full spectrum of paper and electronic discovery solutions. Pinnacle is the only litigation support provider of its kind to offer 24/7 service upon request on all of Long Island, New York. Unlike those superstores, we cater specifically to the legal community and their scanning, copying, duplication, printing, and e-discovery needs. Pinnacle is an extension of your own law firm, handling large and small projects and ensuring they are completed correctly and on time the first time.

The Dream Team

For the entirety of our tenure, our entire staff has remained a cohesive unit committed to delivering flawless results on every project we undertake. Despite being a small team, we operate out of two offices - one in NYC and the other in Long Island - and handle some of the largest, most cumbersome assignments you can imagine. To deliver unparalleled service to our clients, everyone at Pinnacle, including our owner and founder, Christopher Boggio rolls up their sleeves and works closely with project managers and associates. In fact, every assignment receives a final review by the founder himself before delivery to ensure exceptional quality.

Each member of the esteemed Pinnacle's dream team possesses over two decades of individual experience in the industry. Our team's exceptional skills allow us to handle workloads typically requiring three or four people, earning us the nickname "litigation support superheroes." They exhibit professionalism, diligence, and meticulousness in their craft, with a commitment to excellence. Furthermore, we share a winner's mindset and are equally invested in your success!

Much like the legendary 1992 USA Olympic basketball dream team, we are the outstanding unbeatable dream team of litigation support. Our unwavering commitment to your assignment and relentless work ethic set us apart from all other litigation support companies. Only the very best will suffice when your reputation, your client's company, and their hard-earned life savings are at stake. Pinnacle is a clear choice, standing head and shoulders above the competition.

Data Security Protocols

At Pinnacle Discovery Solutions, we maintain a stringent confidentiality policy to safeguard your documents and data. In addition, we adhere to all state and federal regulations to ensure that we comply with industry standards. Our cutting-edge facilities are equipped with fire and theft protection and fortified for added security. They also feature video surveillance and require key- card entry for access. Furthermore, we conduct criminal background checks on all our employees.

Our associates are bound by confidentiality agreements to ensure that your information remains confidential. Additionally, all our associates undergo HIPAA training and certification to provide an extra layer of security. As a result, you can be confident that your important documents and data are safe and secure with us.

Commitment to Excellence

Drawing upon decades of experience, delivering exceptional customer service, and unwavering attention to detail, our team's profound passion and expertise revolve around litigation support. At Pinnacle Discovery Solutions, we approach every project with a positive can-do attitude! We are ready, willing, and able to tackle your assignments. Our commitment to excellence in our craft has established trust and garnered favor with some of the largest firms and organizations in New York City and Long Island. Our team takes pride in our work and is dedicated to delivering nothing less than perfection for you every single time.

At Pinnacle, your deadline is our deadline, and it will be met - guaranteed! We have faced numerous challenges, rescued cases from seemingly impossible situations, and successfully met deadlines that were thought to be unattainable. We will never accept an assignment we cannot complete on time with the care and precision we have become notable for. Pinnacle's goal is to exceed expectations, leaving no room for disappointment. We are fully committed to delivering exceptional results and surpassing your expectations!

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With two full-service facilities strategically located in New York City and Long Island, Pinnacle’s legal copying, scanning, and printing experts are available 24/7 upon request to provide unparalleled service where you need us most.

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