Document Scanning
Pinnacle Discovery Solutions are experts at high volume document scanning and management services. We can scan your documents and convert them into digital images that can be indexed, searched and retrieved in a matter of seconds!

• Bates Labeling of Documents
• Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
• Objective & Subjective Coding

• Large Format
• Bookmarking from Index to Tab
• Load Files For All Litigation Software

Discovery Photocopying
This is not a job for just any copy shop or office superstore. Our PDS experts are meticulous about discovery photocopying. All original documents are picked up, disassembled, copied, re-assembled and return in the same order they were received. 

• High-Speed, High Volume Duplication
• Trial Exhibit Binders
• Bankruptcy Mailing Services

• Large Format Copying
• Color Copying
• On-Site Copying

Digital Printing
When Paper is a must!

Pinnacle Discovery Solutions can print thousands of pages within hours, on high volume state-of-the art production copiers. 

• Blowbacks
• Presentation Printing/Pitch books
• Native File Printing from PDF, Tiff and Emails

• Custom Tabs and File Folder Labels
• Trial Exhibit Boards
• Assembly of your production, including Tab Insertion,2/3 Hole Punching, Label Slipsheets and Custom Folders

Electronic Discovery
Data is everywhere. We collect it, analyze it, and organize it – so you can actually use it!

Early Case Assessment
Formulate a strategy used to estimate risk and cost associated with your client matter. Cases are won by identifying clear litigation objectives and then building the plan to achieve those goals.

Data Processing
Turn multiple native formats into one universal file format that can be OCR’d, Bates Stamped and produced. Extract metadata and text from native files to be used in the review process.

• File Conversion of PST, MBOX And Native Files to Tiff or PDF
• Culling & Filtering Options
• Metadata and Text Extractions

• Electronic Bates Stamping
• Industry Standard Load Files for your Litigation Software

Trial Presentations & Technicians
An Effective Trial Presentation Can Change the Outcome of a Case!

Pinnacle Discovery Solutions provides electronic courtroom presentations and technicians to persuasively and powerfully present your case. Pinnacle’s experts designers will work with you to develop a presentation which will creative visual impact and graphically enhance your message or argument.

• Custom PowerPoint Design Templates
• Hot Seat-Operators

• Trial Exhibit Boards
• Trial Exhibit Binders